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    1. Core Recruiter

      Core Recruiter specialise in recruitment for the construction industry

    2. Audi Approved Dealers

      Audi Approved dealers are dealerships that have been approved to sell Audi models

    3. BP Connect

      BP Connect are an international chain of petrol stations. They offer a mini-market, selling a limited selection of everyday products, from milk to bread, as well as petrol and diesel.

    4. Londis

      Londis is a chain of convenience stores that sell a wide range of groceries and morning goods including milk, bread, frozen foods, eggs and toiletries. In addition to this, they also sell disposable cameras, greeting cards, mobile top up cards, newspapers, magazines and tobacco products.

    5. Smile Dentalcare

      Smile Dental Care offer dental care and treatment with practices across the UK.

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